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Cleaning up heat with silicon storage

Decarbonising heat presents a huge challenge, which could be addressed by a technology that stores electricity as thermal energy in molten silicon blocks.   1414 Degrees based in Adelaide, Australia, is installing the first customer pilot of its thermal energy storage...

OVO gears up to install V2G chargers

As part of the next phase of its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project Sciurus, OVO Energy will soon begin installing its chargers with residential customers.   At first OVO’s V2G charger will only be available to Nissan LEAF drivers that participate in the Innovate UK-funded...

Moixa’s bigger battery boosts solar consumption

The firm’s latest offering, a 4.8kWh battery, increases solar PV self-consumption and takes advantage of time-of-use tariffs for bill savings. Moixa has installed 1500 home batteries across the UK, based on its 2kWh or 3kWh versions. Per kWh the latest bigger battery...

Water firms use energy tech to cut OpEx

Working with aggregators, UK water utilities are flexing demand and optimising on-site generation, reducing energy operational expenditure.   Water utilities’ operations need lots of electricity, and so energy has become their biggest operational cost. The challenge...

Pivot Power tenders for transmission system batteries

UK developer of a nationwide network of transmission system-connected batteries Pivot Power has started tendering for storage systems.   The first 50MW battery storage system the company is developing will be deployed in Southampton and will become operational by...

Your future car might recharge from a DC microgrid, and why that’s a good thing

A UK project is working through the commercial and technical aspects of a direct current (DC) microgrid architecture that integrates electric vehicle charging, storage and solar generation while supporting the wider network.   Benefits of DC microgrids have been...

Just how deserving is the UK’s Road to Zero Strategy of a rough ride?

The Department for Transport's strategy does at least appreciate that without the right infrastructure in place, the EV transition will get stuck in first gear. It was never going to be an easy policy to get right. Road to Zero states its mission is to put the UK at...

Mines in Africa and Australia go for hybrid power rental model

Within mining the idea of renting clean, reliable hybrid power is gaining traction as Aggreko signs up offtakers in Australia and Africa for its microgrids-as-a-service model.   With the platform Aggreko can develop different combinations of hybrid microgrids that...

The rise of hybrid power projects in mining

A solar-battery plant at an Australian mine has shown hybrid power has a place in the sector, but according to Sandfire Resources mining companies expect to contract cheaper, cleaner power from a single provider. Energy projects hailed as ‘firsts’ and ‘blueprints’...

New JV launches storage-as-service offering in UK

Thrive Renewables and Aura Power have launched a joint venture (JV) based on installing no-money-down battery storage to cut electricity bills for commercial and industrial (C&I) energy customers. The JV is targeting thousands of businesses that spend at least... provides informed coverage of technologies, policies and market trends transforming electricity grids and off-grid energy markets globally.  

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Communicating the energy transition

Renewables, electric vehicles and transportation, energy storage, flexibility, microgrids, digitalisation of grid infrastructure and services … The global energy industry is going through accelerated change, creating an exciting but challenging environment from a marketing communications perspective.

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