In September Spanish wind turbine supplier Acciona announced the operation of an energy storage system integrated with a wind farm.


Capturing the wind. Acciona is piloting energy storage integrated with wind farm.

The wind-storage installation, in Barásoain in Navarra, consists of two batteries located in separate containers: a 1MW/0.39MWh fast-response battery, capable of maintaining 1MW of power for 20 minutes, and another slower-response 0.7MW/0.7MWh battery, able to maintain 0.7MW for one hour.

Each battery, using lithium ion modules from Samsung SDI, is connected to a 3MW AW116/300 wind turbine produced by Acciona, which merged with Nordex in 2016, which will capture the energy to be stored.

The wind turbine is one of five that make up the experimental wind farm at Barásoain, operated by the company since 2013.

The facility has another three units, one for medium voltage cells and analysers, another for inverters/chargers and a transformer, installed by Spanish power control system supplier Ingeteam, and a third for control and monitoring equipment.

The integration of energy storage is aimed at improving the quality of the energy sent to the grid.

Other functions will also be analysed, such as the provision of grid services as well as the system’s ability time-shift the dispatch of power into the grid to times when demand is higher, to improve the economic performance of the installation.

Acciona has developed its own control software for the plant, plus a simulation programme that can dimension and optimize storage systems for integration into wind farms