ZEDfactory, an award-winning architects firm in the UK, championing affordable, sustainable housing developments, is bringing to market its own solar-storage offering.


Working with British and Chinese partners the firm has developed a comprehensive building-integrated PV (BIPV) product plus a proprietary home storage system that is based on modular and scalable lithium ion batteries. The range, called Zedpower, is applicable both to new build projects as well as retrofits.

ZEDpower is expected to be launched in the coming months. The portfolio of products is being marketed as a framework of on-site energy generation and storage allowing for self-consumption and export of any excess energy.

The full ZEDpower product portfolio includes battery storage, glass-glass high wattage solar PV frameless modules, and optimised solar PV inverters, fire safety performance thermal insulation, plus power purchase agreements, allowing the investor to sell on-site generated electricity. Comprehensive management and maintenance services are offered.

On the solar side, one of ZEDfactory’s partners includes Sunfixings, which supplies integrated PV systems, including carports, as well as different types of roof-integrated PV.

On yer ZEDbike: the same type of 1kWh batteries modules commercialised in ZEDfactory’s electric bike will be used to make affordable home storage units for the firm’s solar self-consumption offering (Courtesy: ZEDfactory)

During the Ecobuild exhibition in London, in early March, ZEDfactory’s visitors were able to learn more about the 1kWh battery module units that will be incorporated in the ZEDpower offering.

The batteries, featuring the same lithium iron phosphate chemistry and capacity as the power sources for the company’s electric bike, the ZEDbike, can be added to as a building’s energy requirements grow and develop in future. To keep costs low the batteries are made by a producer in China.

ZEDpower will be marketed initially for some home developments that ZEDfactory is working on that are expected to complete next year, including a development in Essex.

ZEDfactory – the ‘ZED’ stands for ‘Zero Energy Design’ – focuses on residential, mixed use, commercial and other developments based on sustainable design and materials.

Over the past two decades the firm has shown that zero carbon and eco-friendly architecture need not come with an expensive price tag. In addition to the UK, ZEDfactory has developed many projects in China, as well as Europe, including the Netherlands.